Geological Mapping using Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS, Petro-mineralogy and Ore-petrographic study, sample geochemistry and Field Based Due Diligence for Gold and Associated Metals andMinerals in Goz Malik (Block 74), Kordufan, Sudan Client – Orbit for Mining Co. Ltd.

Resource and Reserve study of Iron and Mn Ore Mineralization, geological mapping, feasibility and Resource estimation of Negdia, Nathadwara, India

Area identification and Geological Report Preparation of iron ore silica and Granite deposits in Rajasthan and M.P. India. Client – Gimpex Ltd.

Provide area and mineral presence study with JV for the silica sand and China clay deposits. Client – MMPL

Geo-Mining Studies & Preliminary Techno Economic Feasibility Report for Marble area near Skrapar in Albania.

Geological and Mining, and Market analysis of40 different for Marble Areas in, Kosovo and Macedonia. Client – Fox Marble LLP, London.

New minable area identification and exploration for Quartz Mineral and Plant design and market survey for Quartz enginerring stone in Sagwara Area of Rajasthan, India.

Technical due diligence of auction blocks in karnataka and Rajasthan of Iron ore and cross checking reserves data by datamine software., Client : Kalyani group (Bharat Forge)

Due diligence of Marble mining area in various parts of Iran client Kanak Group.

Explore Mining area of Marble Onyx Deposits in Mbeya area of Tanzania. Client: Mahadev Marble

Geological mapping for Dam construction for hydropower in Razawa area of Rwanda

Assesment of reser ves and 3 d Modelling of Quartz and Feldpsar deposits of Mining liesence in Bhilwara area. client : Tyre techno

Government and Local liason and corring in soft sediments in Ratqa oil field in Iraq and Kuwait. Client undisclosed.

Exploration of New mining area of Lead zinc, Talc and Granite in different parts of Nepat. Client: Duggar group of companies.

Geological Mapping using Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS and Field Based Due Diligence for Gold and Associated Metals and Minerals in Nepal.

Oil and Gas Play study in inter-trapian and Infra trapian bed of Deccan Basalt, Central and Western India project sponsared by DGH Client – undisclosed.

Study of oil and gas by electromagnetic radiations, Client undisclosed

Exploration and Mining stratergy in steep slope and high elevation terrain of himalaya for lead and zinc in Nepal. Client Torex Mining.

Geological and Financial analysis of Pegmatite hosted mineral (Quartz Feldspar, Mica and Blockable dimensional stone) of mine located in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan. Client: SB Minerals.

Exploration of Metallic grade and Electric conductivity grade Quartz in part of Rajasthan for solar application. client Relience group.

Government and ministry level liason and due diligence for Chromite and white marble area in parts of Albania client: Rajmaya group.

Feasibility of Marble market in Asian and European market for different dimensional stones excavated by Fox marble LLP. London, UK

Benification and upgradation of Silica Sand by acid wash technology for mines located in different parts of Rajsthan and Gujarat. Client MMPL.

Quality and Financial Assesments of gem grade corrandum (Ruby) excavated from mines located in Liberia. Client: Gemawat group.