Research & Exploration

Finding and suggesting New Mineral Reserves for investments, Geological mapping, Sampling
(Surface and Underground)
Exploration, Reserves Estimation
3d Models, Mine Planning,
GIS and Remote sensing Study
Environmantal Managment Planning.


Survey , Remote Sensing & GIS

Topographical survey by TS, DGPS or Drone.
Geophysical Study of Mineral,
Water and Archaeological sites
Mineral Processing Plant Design and Plant Optimization, Pit Slope Stability, Excavation assesment of pit and Roads Strata Control, Failure analysis of mine and Tunnels Dam diversion and Site selections, Tailing and Disposals planning


Investment, Project Planning & Execution

Technical Due Diligense, Criticle review of Reports,
Statutory and Independent Reporting
Government and Community Liaison,
Budget, Logistic and Market analysis
Project Management, Feasibility Report
Mine or Mineral Property Valuation,
Cultural, Heritage and Title Issues,




Gold-Copper, Lead – Zinc-Silver, Chromium -Nickel, Iron – Manganese, Tin-Tungusten Cobalt, Lithium and REE


Non Metallic

Quartz, Barytes, Talc Potash, Fluorite, Calcite Pigmatitie minerals, All type of Clay etc


Dimensional Stones

successfully discovered All type of exotic, exclusive and new trend setting stones like Patagonia, Amezonite, Sodalite Onyx. Commercial grade granite and marble. Dimensional limestone, Sand  Stone, Slate, Phyllites.